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love In love with my 2nd cousin :/

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So, I'm in love with my second cousin. Technically 1st cousin 1x removed but, I say second cousin.

He is 2 years older then me but I guess thats normal.

I literally have been in love with him sense I was maybe 6 years old. Now I am 17.

So if we go way back... he is my great aunts son.

Everything about him is perfect to me, every single thing and I've never been able to feel that way about anybody before. I never thought feelings like this existed. I feel really alone in this so I'm glad to have found this website :)  :cry:

So anyways. Me and him are like best friends, hes like a brother to me, and I guess I have always had feelings for him. Ever since I first met him. But I hadn't seen him in about 5 years (I was 14) and it was the summer. I went to a family reunion, and I sat in the grass. I heard his brother say my name so I turned around but I saw him. The second we made eye contact I got that "love at first sight" feeling. Something new to me.

It was like we where the only people on earth for a moment, and I still remember every detail.

anyways I have gone to his house many times sense then and were now were soooo close, him and his brother are very special to me.

I feel like if I told him I could lose that friendship and I could not deal with that. I also don't want to freak him out.

So if you guys have any advice on what to do, or what to say that would be really helpful. thanks and good luck to all of you with ur cousins!

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Well you could certainly just wait. But I suspect he feels the same way about you. It often works like that. So take it slow and see where it takes you.

A good way to approach him would be to say something like, "If you were not my cousin ..." and see how he responds.

My cousin and I were very close for 5 years. I had no idea than I had feeling for her until one morning I woke up and realized that I was completely smitten. It was a shocker but I knew that I had to have her. Yeah, it was just bizarre. Luckily, she felt the same way. However she turned down my marriage proposal 10 times saying it wouldn't work for this reason or that. That was 18 years ago since we married!

Would I marry a cousin again? Yeah. But I would think long and hard about it. Everyone will not accept it. So, the question is: does that matter to you?

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