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Is it okay to have children with my..

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I did a family history a month ago, and did notice there was 1 2nd cousin relationship in my family line , but it was my great great great grandparents on my mothers fathers side.. I dont think that would affect it much . my parents are also 3rd cousins once removed, does that matter?


As you can probably tell, haha, I live on an island in a small town.  Probably why the selection is somewhat limited ;)

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I found out my parents are cousins at least 4 times, distantly , 3rd once removed, 4th cousins, 5th cousins, 6th cousins. I also found out I was more mikmaq indian then any other ethnicity, then i was party french and english. I grew up all these years thinking I was mainly english. So it was a big surprise.

I knew I had one grandparent that was an indian mi'kmaq, but what I didn't know was that my other 3 grandparents were also part indian. 1 of them was half indian, the other over half indian (70%), the other 25% indian. So like wow ! I definately had No idea ! I didnt know much about my fathers side of my family as I did not grow up with him, so doing a family tree really helped me discover a lot of things !

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