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Marriage License

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I did a quick search for this but couldn't find anything. We are married in a state that allows cousin marriages, if we were to move to another state where it is not allowed what would that mean for us legally? Would we still be legally married?


Thank you.

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Absolutely. Moving to any state, regardless of their civil marriage laws, would not invalidate your marriage. There is only a potential problem if you leave certain states to circumvent their laws, get married, and move back to that state that could cause problems. See our state law page for more info on that.

If you move to Texas, the statutes technically would define your relationship as incestious and a felony I believe. Look, only a judge could confirm this. This law appears unconstitutional. Hopefully one day it will be challenged, but I don't think it could be until someone is actually charged under this law. But now I am just musing....

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