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Revealing Relationship to Family.

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I'm curently 17 and will be 18 in January which is when me and my cousin will tell our family about our relationship once we're independent enough, does anyone have any suggestions at all how we could break the news to them in the most peaceful way? I've considered writing a letter but I'm just not sure.. Any suggestion would help. 

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here are a couple of links that will help you a ton! the first is a 'letter to mom' that i wrote... not for myself (i was already married to my cousin before i wrote this to help others) and the other is a thread started by a former member. haven't heard from her in a while.



some videos may help. this first one includes mark and i renewing our vows and another married couple and  their children on it. the second video is an austrailian couple on a very VERY informative talk show (it's an hour long,


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