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Validity of my cousin marriage

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Hello Friends,

I married my first cousin (mom's sister's daughter) 10 years back in India where it is perfectly legal and recognized, now I moved to New Hampshire. I read that NH does not allow first cousin marriages, does it mean it invalidates my marriage which was done in India while I am in NH? Or is the law applicable only for new marriages?

Suppose a person gets married in a state where it is legal say MA and moves to NH, does his marriage remain legal in NH?

Kindly clarify.

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theoretically the law ONLY applies to marriages that would occur within that state. to my knowledge, no state has ever nullified a marriage that has taken place in any other jurisdiction, and especially when that jurisdiction is a completely different country. i don't think you have anything at all to worry about. your marriage is binding and legal in the country of your origin. i don't think the US even has the authority to ever object to that. especially as India has a high percentage of muslims living there, right? in our current climate, the US would never do anything to offend a muslim, and there are a lot of muslims in this country... many of whom i'm quite certain are married to their cousins.

you could always check with a family law attorney in your state, but i think he'll tell ya the same thing.

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