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Ok. So I am a 21 year old female and he is 40, and I've always kind of had a crush on him. He works in the military and we hardly get to see him, but last week he stopped by for a visit to see our grandma ( who I live with) and we were all in the living room talking ( me, him, some other guy, my grandmother, and sister)  and I was mostly talking to him. I noticed he seemed doe eyed and gave me a lot of attention. He gazed in my eyes for really long amounts of time and sometimes at my lips. And before he left I got his number and he gave me a really long, really tight hug with his arms around my waist, and there was basically no space between us at all. He hugged everyone else more appropriately, and when it was time to leave he kind of lingered and tried to prolong his stay. I noticed lots of other little subtle and not so subtle signs too, and I thought he was really into me. In fact I was worried someone else would notice. But the other day I decided to text him ( just real casual stuff like hi and what are you up to) and in every text he would say little cousin ( what's up little cousin, for example) and would take forever to reply so I stopped texting him. So, I'm confused because it seems like mixed signals to me. I want to know do you think he's interested or not? And why do you think he's acting like this? What should I do? I need advice and I can't ask anyone else please help. Thank you.

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