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Talking about your cousin-relationship?


Hello guys,

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My name is Ruben de Theije and I am a Dutch student Journalism on the Fontys University in Tilburg. I am currently working on a short documentary about cousin marriage around the worldI am collecting opinions about cousin marriage; I spoke to doctors about the medical risks of getting a baby in a cousin-relationship; and I have collect data of cousin marriage around the whole world. 

For my documentary I am still looking for a cousin-couple who would like to talk openly about their relationship (preferably via Skype). What is it like to have a cousin-relationship? How did family and friends react to your relationship? Do you have kids? And did you, as a couple, consider the medical risks of having a baby?

The aim of the documentary is mainly to take the taboo out of the whole discussion, and just purely look at the information and stories behind cousin-relationships. So that people can provide their own opinion about cousin-relationships based on facts and stories, rather than based on the taboo.

Are you interested in talking about your love-life? Then you can send an email to r.detheije@student.fontys.nl, and I will send you more information. You would really help me with it, thanks in advance!



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