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Guest strive

two lovers fighting against all odds

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Guest strive

Hi everyone. I'm very glad to have found a community like this. My cousin and I have been very much in love for the past 3 years. I'd like to share my story, as well as get to know other people's stories.

I don't understand how challenging peoples' situations are, but one thing I know for sure is that my relationship with my cousin is the toughest path I will ever have to walk in my life. However, I'm willing to do all it takes and more, because tougher paths will lead to greater rewards in the end. 

We're both in our early 20s. Our cultural background is Chinese, which considers our relationship to be very taboo. We also live apart on opposite sides of the world. We've been physically together for just under 1/2 of the time since the start, and the other 1/2 was long distance relationship. I'm a Canadian Citizen, and shes a Chinese Citizen. We have family and relatives in both countries, and many eyes are staring us right now. Nobody knows - except some suspicion from certain relatives, but we understand that we're completely alone in our family, and nobody will support us. We often go through tough emotions. But when we talk to each other, spend time together, and hold each other in our arms, everything is wonderful. And all that we go through seems to be worth it. We didn't choose to love each other, it was fate given to us.

I've been to her home and visited her for many months in the city where she works. In the past year, we managed to get her a temporary visitor visa to come here, but the plan was not temporary, we were going for the permanent visa option by common law. I planned to have her eventually work here and we would move to a different city to settle down. I took her to many places around Canada, and we enjoyed many activities together. Everyday was wonderful. However, that came to an end after some old relatives in our city who hated her discovered us living together, and thought it would be a nice argument to kick her out of here. They never had any evidence of our relationship, but discovering us living together was a good enough argument, so they decided to throw accusations against us to my parents.

Fortunately they did not say much to her parents. Fortunately I managed to convince my parents that theres nothing going on, and that we're just good friends (I don't like to lie, but this is absolutely necessary for us). However, my parents didn't want any further trouble from relatives, so they don't want to find her being here again. The idea of keeping her whereabouts a secret from all relatives seemed to be difficult and risky, so we both decided it would be the best option to have her leave and not return for now. It was very emotional for both of us.

That was my short lived plan of finally living a life together. I've been constantly thinking of new plans recently. All of which involve money and power I have not yet earned, and time I cannot afford. if anyone has something to add, feel free. I would also love to hear your opinion about the amount of taboo of Cousin relationships today. Do you believe it will go away in time? 

Thank you for taking the time to read, I wish you all the best in your love.

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