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Are our passwords safe ? Just a curiosity !!

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Hello all,
Recently, my friend’s account was hacked, and she had to face a lot of issues because of that. The recent rise in the number of hacking activities, has got me wondering, are our online passwords and transactions safe ? I recently read that, hackers have created some software, that can try ten millions of passwords combinations per second, https://www.campisilaw.ca/blog/password-safe-might-vulnerable-think ,  and it’s a matter of worry for us. I think, the only possible solution to this, or rather the only thing we can do is, make our passwords stronger, by making it complex. And try including numbers, symbols, upper case and lower case too.  By, doing this, we can possibly try to prevent our accounts from being hacked. 

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Thanks for your question. On this website, and most forums, your password is encrypted in a way that it can't be decrypted. I can't read it. The login procedure can only compare the stored password with the newly encrypted copy of the one you provide. If they match, you are golden. In theory this is great. However, these days hackers have a database/dictionary that can decrypt many these encrypted passwords (they just match them up).

Sites like Paypal and Bitcoin websites have 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). You enter you username/password and then enter a number from your cell phone. I think this is the direction we are heading with all websites of import... any banking website.

My best advice is to use a password manager like LastPass, or StickyPassword. They can generate a unique password up to 30 some characters long. Hackers can't break this. If the website allows 2FA, you might turn it on. Be advised that it is a pain, esp if you loose your phone or change your number (or can't pay the bill!). This forum does not offer this feature at this time. I'm sure there is an addon if I looked.

Make sure your password is not recycled (used somewhere else) --- just let the password manager create the password and you will be safe here. This forum will lock your account after so many failed password tries. The ten mill per second password trick will not work unless they can download the whole forum database. Even then it will not work with a good unique password. Again, they can only download your encrypted password. The answer is a password manager.

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