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So, a couple of years ago, I started having feelings for my cousin, however, we hadn't seen each other too much and even though we talked a lot over text we lived on opposite sides of the world. Now, to be with family, me and my mother moved to the same country as her and our family lives. This means that I have seen her quite a lot, sometimes as much as more than once a week. But instead of trying to pursue my feelings, I thought I would try and get over it, and have even had a relationship in the mean time, however, that hasn't worked out and now I find myself right where I started, somehow still with strong, if not stronger, feelings for my cousin. We text each other and muck around as good friends do to an extent, but deep down I want it to be as more than just friends. My friends have seen how we text each other and say we seem almost too close and it seems kind of flirty, but I'm not sure, especially because that's how we've talked a lot of the time, although it feels a bit more prevalent now. I'm not sure what to do in this situation, so any advice would be appreciated. I am 17 and she just turned 20 if age is of relevance. There are many more things I could say but they don't really come into relevance context wise.

Thank you for your help.

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Now, now, stop being coy.  You know, as well as your friends, that your texts are flirty.  And you want it that way!

You need to decide if you're going to pursue your feelings for your cousin or if you're going to let what could be a great opportunity, slip right through your fingers. There is no way to tell if you and your cousin will become a long term relationship, but there's one way to make sure that you never find out, and that's to keep being standoffish with her.

All I can say is, don't make the same mistake my cousin and I made and ignore your feelings for each other and miss half a lifetime without each other before you decide to take the plunge.  


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      If anyone can answer me this I'd very much appreciate it. 
      My first cousin and I were very close back in our younger years. We would hang around many times and have lots of fun going out to clubs etc.. One time, when I was 20 and he was 19 (he's one year younger) he came on to me. He was inexperienced at the time and was holding in I guess his feelings for too long so he must have lost control of his hormones. I admit I panicked and pushed him away. He didn't say anything. I remember his face after rejecting him-he seemed disappointed and embarrased. We just carried on from that day as if nothing happened though.
      Nevertheless, when one day I decided to move to Canada, he never came to see me at the airport as he had promised so. Three years later, when he found out I was getting married and saw a photo of the man who I was going to marry, he called me at work to tell me what the hell was I doing with this man and that I was making a mistake. I called my aunt (his mother) and asked her why did he do this? and she told me ''because your cousin loves you honey''... I was stunned hearing this and confused not knwoing what my aunt really meant. Was she telling me that my cousin loves me as his cousin or was it something else?..In any case, it turned out he was right.
      The man I married was a monster..So years passed being unhappy though I'd still talk with my cousin once in a while over the phone. Then I met my second husband or second nightmare that is.
      I remember when my cousin called me again after seeing me in a photo with my 3 year old daughter to tell me how good and beautiful I still looked but I still thought he was just being nice and all. After my second divorce, I reunited with him. We hadnt seen each other for nearly 20 years altogether.
      He was excited to see me and he would come and sleep on my aunt's uncomfotable couch even though he had a very nice place of his own. One day his girlfriend showed up and she'd be all over him but he would not touch her (at least in front of me). Few days later we had our first argument and I was shocked to hear him say that I made a big mistake moving to another country and about marrying the men I did..I was hurt but he was so right...
      Later, I tried putting all the pieces together wondering if my cousin was in love with me and simply cared for me deeply. I was quite prudish at the time and taboos were still an issue. After our arguement, we stopped seeing each other and we met again three years later at my uncle's funeral (his father). I walked into the church to see him wearing black shades standing alone in a corner.
      I went to him and just hugged him cautiously feeling unsure about his response. Ill never forget how tight he held me, as if he needed to feel my body next to his. At least, that was my interprentation. After the funeral, we all met at my aunt's house for coffee and he was avoiding me most of the time. Only when I got up to leave my cup at the sink, he told me 'take mine too'...
      My aunt reassured me he is holding no grudges against me and she has been telling me many times to just go and visit him at his office. I did. He was warm with me. We talked. I noticed right away, that he was fidgeting and shaking his leg nervously. He asked how have I been doing and told him about my new job while also stupidly mentioning I was seeing a man though not in a serious relationship.I was thinking that we are grown people and he wouldn't judge me negatively about this. Surprisingly, our meeting was short and he wouldn't even treat me to a cup of coffee, something he always used to do! Upon leaving, he caressed lightly my cheek and gave me a soft hug. That was it.
      He's been asking my aunt how am I doing but he has never called me once since then. Is it that I have disappointed him in some way? Why is he avoiding me so much?? Btw, he has never married neither does he have any children. He has had many relationships but never stayed faithful to any of the women he dated...Now more than ever, I think about him very intensely realising he must have loved me at a time..So sad..
    • By Yankeeshakes4313
      Hey everyone... It's been awhile since I made a post because I've been busy with school and taking care of other things... But lately I am stuck in a jam and I need some advice on how to handle this situation... Is it going to be a long story because I'm going to give you the background of it and I'm going to give you the details of what's going on right now. 
      The background is that me and my second cousin and conversations about being in a relationship for months... We get on the phone and talk for hours and hours about how we going to be together and things of that nature... And it was wonderful. But her dad find little bit about it and she got discouraged because her dad tell her no... My parents found out about it and I told them that I'm okay with it... Because common sense is that it's legal in the United States to marry your second cousin... I'm not going to act like it's wrong when it clearly shows that is not illegal... Is not even immoral wrong because a lot of people do in this world and most of them don't even know it... Because we all technically cousins... But anyway and that her dad find out she stopped talking to me because of that... But then for a guy with a kind heart I be optimistic about it and hope one day that we can start over and have a relationship... But I have to get through the dad... Her dad... 
      And speaking about her dad... Last month he post something on Facebook and he's a pastor.. he posed something that says " if the boat is sinking look for the voice of guy"... Now obviously it's most likely seem like a metaphor..  but I asked a simple question of why not using a tool to stop a boat from sinking instead of looking for a voice to a lot of people is not going to hear... He got pissed and decided to block me on Facebook and technically threaten me by saying that he's going to tell my dad because I asked him a simple question and claiming that I lack respect... And tell my dad and my dad checked him is saying that how is my son like respect that he asked you a simple question in the past they apologized for me on the phone... It happen in November...
      So my dad told me that one day me and the past is going to have a conversation together to understand our different perspective... I am a agnostic atheist and he's a Christian pastor... I went to explain to him that it's okay for me and his daughter to be in a relationship... I don't want to mess it up because I got one shot to do this right in my opinion... I believe that if he's okay with it and allow his daughter to do what she wants to do and encourage her for that... I believe that she will come around and we start a new slate... She's 20 and I'm 21...
      Any advice would really help... Even if all of y'all say that Leviticus show you that you can be in a relationship with your cousin is true.. but it's how do you deliver the message to his ears for him to give the thumbs up... 
      I have not talked to her since July and I have been patiently waiting to have this conversation.. thanks