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Cousin trapped!

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Hey all,

I live in a joint family. There are more than 15 members in our home. In my group there are 6 members of the same age. We all study in the same college. One of my cousin and me always used to hang around. Last week we went for an outing and she had proposed to me. I have a girlfriend and it's been 1 year since we are dating each other. My cousin didn't like this when I told her. She was very jealous of us. One day I invited my girlfriend for dinner. Me and my cousin were preparing dessert for the dinner, we were alone at the kitchen. She tried to hug and kiss me. I pushed her and she ran away to the dining hall. She just blamed that I tried to rape her. Everyone was shocked and my girlfriend just left from there without knowing the exact problem. No one believed me and it was my cousins plan to create problems between me and my girlfriend and she did it. I was totally broken and I never thought that my girlfriend won't believe me. She left out from the house and said me not to meet her again in her life. I just walked out of the house and one of my cousin came to me, he said that he trusts me and he knows that it was her plan. She then filed a case on me that I did sexual assault with her and the whole family supported her for it except my one cousin. He then advised me to hire a defence lawyer http://www.defencegroup.ca/ , so that I can prove that I’m innocent and I didn't do anything to her. I just wanted to clear all the doubts which my family and my girlfriend had. Hope that all the problem gets solved soon.

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