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love Love with my first cousin

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hello everyone,

since i'm new to this site i want to introduce my self first, i'm from Indonesia

i'm 22 years old (almost) and in the last years of university, i'm in love with my 1st cousin from our father, she is almost 24 years old.

i still live on my parent house and she live on her bother house (also my cousin), we live on the same city.

and this is my first post, following my complicated relationship with my 1st cousin.

i have quite long story, so bear with me if you please..

we had met on one occasion for short time when we were child, i felt i like her even i didn't know her well that time. And then we lost contact due to we lived on different city that quite far. and then just 2 years ago i met her again when she lived on my house for a couple of month. i felt i like her at the first sight, though still not love her, i felt being attracted to her since the first time. we often talking to each other, chatting, watching movie together, going someplace together, dinner, mingle and doing something like that.

we both know that our bond are getting stronger day by day, we even can read each other mind now, i already knew what she going to say before she say it to me, so does she..

just a couple of month ago we start playing to pretend that we're couple, we very enjoy it because it's funny as long as we can sharing our love indirectly because we always aware that we both cousin and shouldn't be having romantic affair. but i love her and i knew and sure she love me too, we already confess to each other but in a joking ways, not in the serious way to confess a love, because we always joking each other almost everyday and we always make each other smile.

just a week ago, i went for holiday with my cousin, along with my friends, not hers. we going for 9 days of the country. and eventually we slept together in the same bed because my friend don't wanna share a bed with me. at first we slept normally and then hours after slept we both wake up and start to cuddling each other, i feel her warm breath and our heart

pounding very fast, we don't do anything more and just ending with holding each other hand until wake up. the next night we doing the same thing again, this time our nose are touching together and not long after that i start to kiss her and she respond and we kissing each other. we stop because we didn't wanna wake up my friend. night after that we continue to kissing each other. and when we move to other hotel we were together alone in the same room, and we make out every morning. we were very enjoy our togetherness in a week and when it comes to an end when we must go home, she cried twice, one of it in front of me before we go home. we both realized that we must come back to the reality that we are not suppose to be together.

from that moment until couple of day now since we come back, we are in the state of heavy miserable, she cried everyday so do i every time i felt her sadness because of me. now we are undecided about our future, must we stop this relationship or continue, we are both really can't decide. my parent have already warn me to not falling love with her, i don't know about her mom (her father passed away) and other family, but i'm quite sure they all will against this relationship. but i really can't let her go now, so does she. but how can we keep this relationship? i still live on my parent house so i must obey them for the moment. although the law in our country not prohibited cousin couple, but our tradition are quite against it because we are Chinese descendant ethnic.

so right now i'm asking for any advice and courage if any to guide me to do what i'm suppose to do for the best of us.

must we tell our family? right now or when? or must we just stop this relationship and take the easy way?

if there are any question or something you wanna know in detail, please don't hesitate to ask me on comment.

Thank you very much,

Wish the best for all of us 

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:cheesy: that's funny, what happen to yours actually?

i already talking to her in chatting and message  coz we don't have time yet to talk by phone on in person

but i've planed to talking to her tomorrow in person, to decide what should we do next. that's why i'm asking for advice here..

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6 years strong.  :wink:

Ok.. well about your question.

Since you have just started this relationship, you need not to tell your families immediately. Give it a little traction first, if you know what I mean. Finish school, get jobs, be each others inspirations for the moment while making each other happy. In time, you’ll know that you are really meant for each other(or do you already know?haha).

What do you think?

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good for you then  :grin:

actually i start the relationship about 1 years ago, when we start to going someplace together, that's when our spark of love begins  :cheesy:

i'm not planning to tell my parent now, except someone here convince me.. but i'm afraid that someday my parent and her family know there's something between us..

if that happen i don't know what will come, maybe there will be a war  :cheesy:

i just doubt about how long i can hide this to someone else..

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You know, she always tells me that our family would curse us if we ever come out. We?ve kept it a secret ever since the beginning of our relationship. It is hard sometimes, but our love for each other pulls us through everytime.

I?m feeling like i?m not credible enough to give you any advice anymore since we are pretty much in the same situation. However, I can be the friend that you can talk to when things get hard. :)

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