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Guest Hunib223

Brother and sister children in love

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Guest Hunib223

Me and my first cousin parents are brother and sister. Our family is very very big infact half of the family don't talk to anyone now due to family issues.

last year my aunties suspected that me and my cousin were at it but we denied it all and I told everyone it's not true but it fact it was true that me and my cousin were deeply in love. Now we have both come to the conclusion that we should end it all because of the shame it would bring and that there's no way our families would accept. we both want to give it a chance but the older generations will not accept compared to the younger ones e.g my other cousins are fine with it even though they suspect but don't know. 

I'm planning to get my cousin to marry me in a few years so I can join him in the us. 

Do you think I should let him go and I carry on my life? 

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