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I am so thankful for finding this website. It's seriously feels so great to be able to read and relate to everyone on here with no judgement. I haven't gotten to do that very much in the past few years because of my cousin and I's decision to be together. I find this website very helpful to read and come up with topics to talk to the rest of my family with to accept us as a cousin couple. 

Bless everyone on this site. ❤️

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I wanted to echo the sentiments of the original poster.  It's too late for me, and though I've only made one other post here, reading everyone else's stories has been so therapeutic and has helped me to realize that there is nothing wrong with what I grew up feeling for my cousin and best friend, legally or morally.  I wish everyone well on their journey.  I hope everyone finds the strength to have the difficult conversation(s).  May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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