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Just need some guidance

Guest Whatdoido

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Guest Whatdoido

My cousin and I didnt grow up personally knowing each other. I didnt mert him till i was 14 he was 16. Rarely did we see eachother much throughout the years afterwards. Only 3 or 4 times until i was 18 we seen eachother at my grandfathers funeral. We hooked up shortly after that once and then another about 2 years later. Well hes came back around and is currently staying with me because he moved back into town from Florida.

I feel torn because we both still have strong attraction for eachother. Only 3 people know about me and him. Thats his mother and his sister and our other cousin Scarlett. 

His mom and sister dont approve  didnt approve of our physical nature but i know they and my parents wouldnt approve if we wanted to make more out of it. 

I guess i'm just looking for someone who relates to how i feel. Now that hes living in my home and we both obviously and 100% still physically attracted to each other and last night he commented that he had real feelings for me still and always has, im at a loss of what to do. My brain is telling me dont go there because we would be socially outcasted from our family and my heart and body has the opposite feelings.  Please someone give me some advice or share some of your experiences with me to help me cope with this. 

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You're both adults - do what you want. You can't live hoping for approval by others.  If you read around the posts on this site, you should find yourself in good company.  There are lots and lots of posts on this very topic.

FWIW - living together, even platonically, at this stage of your "relationship" is probably not the best idea in the world.  Your emotions are all a-jumbled and there is no way you can be objective about your feelings for your cousin without some space.  Cousin couples have this taboo element to them and that tends to heighten the attraction in the beginning. He should find his own place ASAP before the two of you venture off in the dating realm.

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