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Cousin and best friend

Guest Michelle

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Guest Michelle

I am in a relationship with my cousin for about a year now. We are secretly together and nobody but us know about it. We both agree that it is only a temporary thing and that it will have to end one day. We both say this saddens us since we love each other and are happy together. We are each others best friend. We are both very jealous types. He doesn't like me hanging around my guy friends and I don't like him talking to his girlfriends because I know he doesn't believe a guy and girl can be just friends (something we agree to disagree). I know he has a crush on my best friend and is still trying to communicate with her occasionally. He is a few years older than me and is at the point where he wants a family. I know separation would be very hurtful to both of us at this point, but being together doesn't seem to be working out that much anymore. We constantly fight and argue about the most insignificant things. I'm scared of losing him, but I'm also scared of how much of an impact breaking up with him would bring to my life especially since we are roommates and would need to keep being for the time being. Being around family and friends is tough because of the secrecy. Hanging around my best friend and him is just unbearable especially when I've had them team up against me on arguments. I guess I just want someone else's point of view on this situation and advice.

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He is your best friend?  I think you need higher standards for friends.

He's been with you for a year, but wants to keep things hush-hush.  He flirts with your girl friend and the two of them gang up on you in arguments.

Definitely time for new friends.

And dump his a$$.  He's never going to make you a priority.  If the apartment lease is in your name, give him 30 days to find another place to live.  If it's in his name, give him 30 days notice.  Move on and don't look back.

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