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Dating my cousin

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I have been sleeping with my cousin for 4 months now. He is 45 I am 36. I have 2 girls from my ex husband. He is currently getting divorced from his second wife and seeing someone from his work. He has said it's just fun and we could never be together publicly. But I've just returned from a trip with him, which was lovely and I was spoiled rotten. The thing is I'm starting to have strong feelings for him and thinks I'm falling for him. I'm not sure he feels the same as he does things that make me feel he likes me more than he says. I'm really confused please anyone some advice x

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What is there to be confused about? He has made it clear to you that you are just one of multiple pieces of arse to him. The fact that you chose to engage in a relationship with him doesn't change the fact that he's not interested in monogamy with you. You chose to fall for a guy that has  zero integrity. A man who not only cheats on his wife but cheats  on her multiple women. This guy is high risk in terms of emotional liability and medical safety. You need to wise up and move on. He will not change for you, he will not fall for you. He will only use you and hurt you.

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