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any advice helps!! we need it

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Hi! My name is Ashley and I've been on this site before a few years back when I was unsure of me and my cousins relationship. (Was very grateful for a site like this!) We are in wyoming im 25 him 22 and We have actually secretly been together for about 9 years. We have dated other people every so often through the years to make our family perceive us as "normal". We are very close he's my best friend and I love him with everything but let me give a little background info. We have developed our relationship kinda non traditional due to circumstances so we kind of made it like a best friends with benifts thing. Because of that we have still to this day have not kissed which is silly but we didn't want to put it on that level of intimacy because we figured we'd eventually seprete and go on with life. It seems that we just can't stay away from each other though it just feels so right and at home with him, of course growing up together helps. But now he is moving to another part of the state for schooling in the summer and we tossed up me coming with. I decided that the only way I would go is if we were to be together. Otherwise it would be me going to help him get through school and I wouldn't be accomplishing anything in my life which he understands so he backed off a little. A while back we were talking about our feelings and I told him I would be happy to spend my life with him but he wasn't on the sane page he made it sound like he loved me but wasn't sure if he was in love with me. So it makes me weary. So now last night out of nowhere he said let's move until I'm done with school and then we can move to a state where its legal to marry... Which was sort of a shock to me because I had been trying to figure out my feelings as to him leaving. I have prepared myself for it to end when he moves so I was blown away. We discussed a little and mutually agree we can do it its just the kissing romantic part that Idont know how to go about but i do want that if we are going to be together. Also if he's just making this decision because its easier to stay with me becuase we already have so much history, opposed to dating other people? Also family of course. We don't know how they will take it but hanging out non stop for 9 years should or would have prepared them a little? Anyway sorry for the long drawn out message I'm just confused and any advice from people that have gone through this will help reassure us! Thank you for your time as well! :)

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