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Relationship and sex with my second cousin?


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You should treat your second cousin like any other potential mate. You are about as related as random pairing, so consanguinity is not a problem. I should say that genetics and outrage from others should not be a factor.

The next question you have to ask yourself is, are you simply taking advantage of a cousin who has been nice to you? Where do you see this relationship going? How would things be different if you were not related?

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Hello Michael,

i am an Hellene like you and in love with my second cousin, too! But… As i have said to another friend here in the phorum, I belong to those that they don't demonise cousin relationships but at the same time don't encourage other people to be engaged is such relationships, simply because such relations are not for all of us. The most important thing for me is to love and be loved. I would totally agree with KC. If you really love her and she does love, yeah this is all the matters. Check how your families would react by knowing about your relationship and be prepared to encounter both positive or negative impact by family and friends. In my opinion, such stories between cousins are worthy only if there is deep love. They do demand hard stomach! 


Edit: just saw that the message posted by Michael is about a year old… Michael, if you see our answers to your post here, let us know about your story. Good luck!

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