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Out of the blue??

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Story time,I will try to keep this short 

My male cousin who is almost 5 years younger than me (we are both in our 20s) is in the military. He has been single for a year, and we were close growing up. But lately he has been umm how you say really sexually attracted to me. He messaged me on fb and has been using my pics to masturbate too. This all has seemed to come out of NOWHERE. And I am rather confused cause we are first cousins, and ya he is a great looking guy, I've just never really thought about him that way 


There have been a couple of other instances, before this( I.E light flirting, him calling me when he was drunk) the last time I saw him was shortly before my grandmother passed which was two years ago. 

I uh guess I am just really confused and I am not sure how to go about this. I don't want to push him over the edge/away from me. Also I don't want this to get out to my family. So what advice would you all give? Or do?


Again: younger male 1st cousin ( I am female) he seems to be really sexually attracted to me And I am not quite sure wwhat to make of it.

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Gross.  Whatthehell kind of pictures have you sent this man?  Tell him he is being disgusting by letting you know about his private behavior and you are completely turned off by it.  He sounds like a creep and if it were me, I'd block him on FB and my cell phone and tell him to leave me alone.

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