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Guest jame smith

more than cousins?

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Guest jame smith

long story short. My cousin is 50. i am 45. It seems that there is chemistry between us. I think this started about 4 years ago. Neither of 

us have acted on it. She is really pretty and an uncle already tried to kiss her when she was a teen. 

She is married. We hit it off when she was divorced. I am in no financial situation to accommodate her to meet her needs.

We have hardly seen each other the years maybe about twice a year, but this pass christmas, we sat by each other not the couch, talking to each other on the couch. 

It was crowded. she exclaimed I been talking to you over an hour here. and at the same time, she was making sure she touches my leg and feet. She was almost

flirting with me. This could easily be passed off as people were on the couch and it was crowded there with the coffee table in front.

We connected talking, at the evening we kissed on the lips a single time as it was customary between her and me. Generally, some cousins would kiss some cousins on the cheeks, but all the time hug each other.

I know she felt it as I felt it, but we she is bound not to pursue me just because she is married, and out family just don't date cousins.

I don't know what the next step is or how to proceed forward on this or if i should, but I would like to. If not now, we will always have these 

feelings for each other, and we could miss each other romantically. It seems that I would like to pursue this, but at the same time I can

accept that she is married and my cousin. She is hot and who knows if other male cousins tried to hit on her. Thanks for any input, as I will read here in this forum ideas.

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18 hours ago, Guest jame smith said:

she is bound not to pursue me just because she is married

This is THE reason not to pursue you.  She's taken.  Happy or not, she's off limits

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