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Does my second cuz like me

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So idk if my cousin likes me but i get the feeling she does any help will help so i just met her two months ago shes actually my cousins daughter but anyways she will take me to partys with all her friends cuz i dont know many ppl here but she never will interdues me to any girls or the fact sometimes i catch her looking at me but then looks away or we both live in the same house n she will come out her room in the skimest cloths wen she first wakes up like the kind of cloths girls sleep in just walks by like nothing will make eye contact as she walks by she has told me a few kind keep to your self storys like who she slept with a few storys or a story bout a guy she slept with then didnt talk to her then a year later he tryed hiting her up n she says hes burnt or she will ask me if i want to go bowling or at night ill be have a cic n she will come out to smoke n we will just talk  she never rude to me or anything idk call me crazy but i do get the feeling shes kinda in to me am i right or wrong wut do i do oh also i am 10 years older then her idk if that helps or not any ideas

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