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I find my cousin very attractive, everything from her face and teeth to her butt and arms. Ive hit on her several times, told her she is gorgeous and has an amazing arse and even asked her if i could grab it one time. Other than laugh and say, really? Like she didnt know she was gorgeous before. She hadnt done anything to counter it. In my head,ifshe didnt enjoy the attention, she would block and delete me right? Or tell everyone that Im a freak. I used to let her know often how beautiful she is and she would play it off or play dumb like she had no idea. When we see each other she always makes jokes and stuff. Tonight she said i gained a few pounds and flicked my side. I said the same to her and flicked her stomach. Things like that. 


My question is... How am i to know if she reciprocates the attraction. Or does she like the attention i give her?

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Doesn't sound to me that she is interested.

I would suggest if you are wanting to see if there is anything possibly getting

serious here maybe if you stop being such a cad and playing grab a**  and start

acting more mature she might start taking you more serious. And then  there is the

chance she just isn't interested in the cousin thing.

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  • Administrator

She could certainly like the attention, but still have no intention of getting into a relationship with a cousin. I would not take any of this as a sign that she is into me. You will have to bite the bullet, ask her out and confess your feelings for her. Flirting hasn't gotten you too far with her. Therefore, I would try the gentleman approach. So get cleaned up, turn on the charm, and make her say, "Where in the hell has he been all of my life!"

Good luck with all of that :D We both may be in a fantasy world!

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