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I am planning to propose her on our trip.

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We four cousins and friends are planning a trip this spring. We are planning a river cruise along the great lakes. It is a 16-day adventurous trip. We will be traveling through the wilderness of the lakes and stops at major cities on the route. https://www.blountsmallshipadventures.com/2017-great-american-waterways/default.aspx?itinerary=1 Here is the detailed itinerary of the trip.

I am joining the trip only because I have this cousin coming whom I have a crush. Sometimes I feel it is incest. But, I can't keep my eyes off her. I intend to let her know of my intentions during the trip. I can't keep the secret anymore.

What do you think? Should I ask her out? How should I do that? I need some help and advice guys.

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It would be helpful to know a little more about you and your cousin such as your ages, your relationship up to this point, and what culture you are from. I'm also not clear: are you planning to propose marriage to her, or are you just wanting to tell her how you feel and see where it goes from there?

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On 1/12/2017 at 3:35 PM, Serendipity said:

You thought we needed your trip itinerary because........?


Because he's a spammer. We've got the bots out of here. We've ended up where an actual person has to set down and make an account. Use to, there would be tons of accounts with links such as this, but never any posts. They get paid for each account they create, and for each click it generates. It was my pet peeve, and the reason I took a mod position. At one point, Boss left the site open, and EVERYONE was a mod. I sounded the alarm, but, while I had the mod privileges, I took the liberty of deleting nearly 300 or so of those type of accounts. The site was locked back down, but I was asked if I would like to be a mod, I accepted, and went through and deleted another couple hundred of those accounts, plus many more which had been created, but never used. Occasionally, there would be posts with links, most notoriously to something like "UK kitchen cabinets". I would promptly delete the threads. Once I got a handle on the similar domain ranges they came from, I blocked the whole range. I mean, Really? You're selling UK cabinets from Nigeria or Pakistan? Nah, I don't think so...!!! LOL. I've not looked lately to see how many spam accounts we have, but I have noticed a couple threads in which actual posts with links are posted. As the resident junk yard dog, I'm going to do a little sniffing around, and if I smell bs, I'll be dropping the hammer.

 I put my nose to the ground, and here's the deal on this member. This member has two accounts. "He" was warned back in October, or at the very least had his link removed from his post. I would say, warned as well, or needed mod/admin approval to post. So, now our friend is back. He has received another report over the link in this thread. Since some of his posts are not totally off topic, and pure spam, there IS the possibility he does happen to be as described, but, actually have an interest in our subject matter here. He is at the very least considerably more creative than our run of the mill spammer, and, for the moment, I'm amused. For that reason, I will not be swinging the banhammer just yet. My ears are peaked though, and I'm going to be looking around from the back of the '58 Edsel and '75 Pinto, to keep an eye out for shenanigans. I'll not bark, I'll just bite..... ;)

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