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word which relates to the previous word

Guest Mystery_Girl

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Guest Joshua

Alcoholics Anonymous. AA


I think if people realy want or have to quit cold turkey, that's what I did and I'm running up on 4 months sober

Oh and I can't think of any thing for AA

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Guest Joshua

when I here that word it makes me look back and notice that I wouldn't have been alive if it wernt for booze I know that with out it I would have killed my self. So out of all the words I pick love not the love for drinking but the love of ashly that made me open my eyes so ya


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Guest OH BOY!!

to go with Love Joshua, I think this word fits.....

Everyone (not those you want to, not those you think you should, but everyone even those who piss you off, cuz one day, you can say without a doubt, you loved everyone, you just don't have to love the way they act.) 

so the next word is


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Guest Joshua

Most people can't or just don't sit down to really look for the good in people anymore, most of them dive off into a judgemental conclusion, I think partly because they have a stressful job or a stressful relationship or a stressful life. So with that being said I'm gonna say


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