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word which relates to the previous word

Guest Mystery_Girl

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Guest OH BOY!!


don't ask~~~

okay, i'll tell you anyway 14 years ago i had a terrible case of food poisoning, my mum and me both ate the same thing that night, okra and something else, we both woke up at 3am really sick.....  i was so sick i had okra coming out of my nose, so when i think of vomit, i think of okra.......  didn't eat it again for a long, long, long time!!!!


so, i believe the word is.......


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Guest Kasienda


To counteract that puke story that gives ocre a bad name I have one of my own. My grandmother used to get a whole bunch of ocre and cut it up into bite size piezes and fry it. And she'd make bags of it. And then she'd take us to the drive in movie theater and it was our popcorn. Yum yum!

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Guest OH BOY!!

Oh boy! You're only supposed to respond once! Silly girl. Its no fun if you don't let anyone else have a turn.

argh, i'm having a rough night

you okay?

Next word...


I know, I know, it wasn't nice, I was behaving like a big baby throwing a temper tantrum.  Well maybe not that drastic, but I was feeling very aggravated and it showed in my choice of words.  I have awoken in a different mood (Thank Goodness)  I promise from now on, I will only post one word!! :-X

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