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How are we related, 3rd cousins?

Guest Jadedkrystals

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Guest Jadedkrystals

My maternal grandmother and his paternal grandfather were first cousins, so would that make us 3rd cousins? He is 28 and I am 24, I am 10 weeks pregnant, and worry also about birth defects?

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Hi Jadedkrystals and welcome to cc. Yes you are third cousins, your common ancestor is your 3X great grandparents.

As far as concern about birth defects, you are as related as any other "normal" couple.  However even "normal"

couples are at risk for that. I hope this puts your mind at ease, but if not you can discuss this with your doctor

and with his/her advice also seek out  a genetic counselor.  Best wishes with your pregnancy and expected little one.

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