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austin    0

Hello all,

I am planning to propose my girlfriend. She is actually my cousin, and I had met her at a wedding party. I have been madly in love with her since then. Now, I think it's time to take this forward, and make her mine forever. So, I want to do this with a ring. I searched online for some good designs, and I loved this one,  I would like to know your suggestions on this. Is this pretty? Will she love it? How else can I make this special for her? 

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i believe this may very well be spam. link deleted.

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Hawk    29


 You may very well be correct. Oddly enough, although they are different IP's, the two posts you removed links from resolve to Toronto. Perhaps we have a mill open there starting accounts. Now, however, they are actually posting on topic. Since their posts do tend to be somewhat relevant, I've been leaving them as well, and, if I see them, I'll do as you have, and edit them.


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LadyC    98

yeah, i just couldn't be positive with either one. i figured i'd err on the side of caution... since they are on topic and all, what harm will it do to leave them up, sans link? besides, on the other thread, it was a subject near and dear, and one that many people have to face.

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