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My husband is addicted

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Hi all,

I'm married to a man who is my cousin. I was happy with him but now, I'm facing some problems. My husband is addicted to alcohol for more than 3 years. He is showing intense behavior after drinking. This is adversely affecting our family life. Our children are afraid of him. Whenever they saw him, they are hiding in their room.  I’m wondering whether this scare and anxiety will affect their mental health. What am I supposed to do? I tried to convince him to stop drinking but he is not listening to me. While browsing about the solution for alcohol addiction, I happened to read an article on alcohol addiction and physical therapy ( ). I think this will work for him but I don’t know how to convince him. I’m also unaware of this treatment and its expenses. Does anyone here had tried physical therapy for alcohol addiction?

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melinda, are you a christian? 

my husband struggled with addiction (to drugs, not alcohol) for ten years of our marriage. rehab didn't work. threats didn't work. pleading didn't work. but prayer did. the thing with prayer is that it wasn't overnight... because i was so busy trying to micro-manage my husband and to control everything that i kept getting in God's way. it took me a lot of years to figure out that God didn't need my help fixing my husband... and i had to learn to really let go and trust God to turn him around. 

and when God made His move, my husband cleaned up... cold turkey, of his own will, and without rehab or therapy. he did have a huge support network though, in our family, which made a huge difference. he's been clean for six years, and our marriage is everything i'd ever hoped it could be. and my children, although they are grown, have remarked how much more relaxed with kids than he was when they were growing up. he's a fantastic grandpa.

i'll be happy to talk more with you if you'd like.

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Attend some AlAnon meetings.  You will learn that you can't do a thing about his addiction, but you can control  your own decisions and reactions towards him.  

As for your children - the alcoholic can have adverse effects on children.  They may benefit from Alateen meetings.  

There is help available to you.  AlAnon and its afficliates are a good starting place.  

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