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Good Morning all, (0631 hrs EST)

I have what I believe to be a truly wonderful Idea for my love and I, but am not sure how to approach this idea. Any assistance in this matter would be very helpful. 

I have the idea to write a love letter outlining how I felt when we first met, as well as all feelings up to now and surely forever. I want to remember all our firsts, as well as all of those to come. 

Any input would be welcome!

Thank you In Advance,


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A love letter out of the blue can either blow up in your face or it can be perceived by her as a sweet gesture.  Personally, I would be turned off by a letter out of the blue from an admirer telling me how much he loved me and he remembered all of our "firsts" together.  I would take it as a bit stalkerish.  But that's me.  


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I think I misunderstood your idea and thought you two were already together. 

As a love letter writer for my S.O. and loved ones, I also recommend start slow if you are not in a relationship yet. Good luck!.

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