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Just saying hello

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Hello Everyone,

I am Ambra_Flows.  I used to post here a lot from 2004 to about 2010.  I wrote the post "Talking to our families about our cousin romance."

When I first came onto this board my cousin-love was deceased, having died 20 years before.  But I needed to talk about our relationship and process it, and I was happy and thankful to find this forum.  I've also had ADCs (after-death communications) from him, which I also used to write about.

These days I get a lot of ADCs from my sweet cousin-love, even moreso than I did in the past.  Over all there have been many ADCs from him since he died, which tells me that he loves me, and that's something I had a hard time believing for a lot of years, even though, when he was alive our connection was very intense.  And we knew what the other one was thinking just by looking at each other's faces.  I feel very happy and lucky that he is still part of my life via his after-death communications.

So hopefully one day, after I die, I will get to be with him in the afterlife.  I cannot wait for that actually, but until then I will enjoy his communications.

So I just thought I'd say hi, as I haven't posted here in a long time.

Take Care All,



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Because I can sense him, and/or hear or see him in my mind’s eye.  Sometimes he gives me helpful information about my life.  But I did not come here to convince anyone of anything, and I don’t think the Administrators would appreciate me getting into a long thread about it.

I just stopped here to say hi, as this board in a way, is my home.  I spent 6 years here posting, and have many memorable memories here, with these people, and the people who have been around for years, like me.  Most of the old-timers know I’ve had after-death communications, as I used to write about some of my experiences here.

To learn more about ADCs, there are plenty of books and websites about it.

ADCs are sometimes treated like a taboo subject, much like cousin couples.  So I have two taboo subjects in my life, cousin-love and ADCs, lol.

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hi ambra, nice to hear from you again!

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