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So you wanna get with your cousin

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So me and amanda have been together for almost 6 years and believe me, there have been HUGE ups and downs.

Anyway, i wanted to share my thoughts on people who want to get romantically involved with your cousin. ( keep in my this is just my opinion nothing more, nothing less )

Live your life first, finish school, start a  career, date other people. Enjoy yourself, work on yourself, become a mature adult. I have noticed over the years of coming to this place that a lot of the stories are very young people and believe me, you are going to need to be prepared as an adult to take on a relationship with a cousin. 

Just wait till after you have grown into an adult, after you have enjoyed so much this world has to offer!!!

I know some people may not agree with me and that's ok. This is just my opinion. 

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Hey there nsdc. I'm curious, do you refer the "being an adult" as getting to be "X" amount of years? Just asking, since I have met some people who would be considered "mature adults" but they behave as teenagers, meaning, they are not mature and easily approaching to their 70's.

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