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Should I try something or not?

Guest Feelinghopeless

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Guest Feelinghopeless

I wasn't going to post anything and have just been creeping through other posts trying to find an answer. I don't think there is one though.

my 1st cousin once removed and I saw each other around once a month until I was around 6-7 then I didn't see him again until I was 18 on a night out. Since then I've had 3 children and he's had 1 child. We have both grown up a lot in those years.

For the past year we have been speaking on and off through various means facebook messenger, snap chat and texts but for the past 2 months we have been spending time together usually with my other friends there as well. He usually sleeps on sofa I'll sleep in my bed and 1 of my friends either sleeps on a different sofa in bed with me or goes home to her house depending on what time it is.

Last weekend we all slept at my friends house and she only has 1 corner sofa so I slept down 1 side and he down the other and after my friend went to bed we spent hours just talking. We text every day talking about nothing in particular and yesterday he said he found me attractive over text message. I'm unclear whether I should make a move or he was just being nice saying I'm an attractive girl. He does flirt with me and says I'm amazing and things like that. 

I'm just unsure how to proceed or if I should proceed at all or try to take a step back? 

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  • Old Timer

Well, I'd say the place to start is: are you in a position to pursue a relationship? You both have kids, do you have spouses/partners? How would it affect your kids and his if you did have a relationship?

If he's telling you that you're attractive, texting you every day, and flirting with you, he's sending some pretty strong signals. Whether or not you should do something about that is an entirely different question.

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