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Feeling silly this morning

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As most of you know, it did not work out with my wife. 20 years down the drain. Trust me, I am not feeling sorry for myself. I am not bitter. I am not really lonely and sure as heck aint desperate. However ... just a FWI ...

I am on the market. I am kinda picky. I'm looking for a slightly older woman with plenty (GOBS!) of money. You should be smoking hot with a heart of gold, never have taken Prozac or Thorazine, and no felonies please. Women with huge booties really don't do too much for me; they are so overrated. Trans are not acceptable either; any woman who can beat me in arm wrestling is out! You must be adventurous and spontaneous. You should be outgoing and assertive but never vindictive. I need someone to keep me straight.

About myself. Don't worry about it. I am the man. Marriage proposals may be send to my inbox.

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