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In love with my boy cousin!

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So all this started 3 years ago when me and my family were living in my cousins house for holidays. The cousin i like is my mom's brother's son. I started liking him then and it has been 3 years now. He lives in Pakistan and i live in Dubai. Both of us are from Pakistan but i was born in Dubai and was also raised in Dubai. Everything is perfect except for the fact that he is 8 years older than me. My parents also like him as he always respects them. His mom also really likes me bc im perfect at everything e.g studies, cooking.  This summer, im going to visit Pakistan and definitely we will meet him. He may also come to live with us in my house because he is my brother's best friend. We talk when we are together but never on social media. I never have the courage to text him bc i think he will tell my brother or something. I have caught him staring at me a few times. What do i do? Should i tell him? Does he like me?

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