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Guest Sisha

In love with my 1st cousin! What to do?

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Guest Sisha

 Hi everyone, I am a female 31 and found myself having a strong feelings for my first cousin which is also 31 but is in a relationship with a girl for the past 3 years!

 Every time we get together we hug and we kiss (on the cheek) and we do say how much we love each other and how we do enjoy each other's companies! and we do talk about everything and anything!!

what do I do in this situation? how do I make him understand that I like him or how do I make sure that he likes me back? I don't want to lose a chance to be with him, it might turn out to be something beautiful 

please advise!!

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He is in a relationship with another for 3 years. You do nothing. 

If his relationship is not a good one or even if it is-- you do nothing.

That part of his life has to end on its own without interference from outside influences.


If he is having this sort of interaction with you, that is essentially cheating on his girlfriend.

Would you want to be in her shoes and not know what is going on behind her back?

I imagine you wouldn't.  Be the bigger person and walk away until he is in a position

to return your affections if you are both serious.

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I am in a similar situation but far more advanced. I came to this forum for some help on this. I need advice and I guess I should start a new thread.  

What do I do?

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