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Advice for marriage

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Please let me know clearly...

I am in love with my cousin from my mothers side. I am willing to marry her, she too loves me and wants to marry but now she has notion of its WRONG and not possible. Since from one year She has started to work as a staff in a student ministry. Where in she has asked for the same advice about marrying cousin to a bunch of senior graduates who have a different opinion. This has disturbed her and to rethink.
So please help me If this type of marriage is possible?  And please let me know how to make her understand well and able to explain clearly.
Please help me.
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  • Administrator

it would help to know where you both are. are you in the united states? are you in a state where marriage between cousins is legal?

from a biblical standpoint, there is absolutely nothing wrong with cousin marriages. we have a whole section dedicated to this, if you'll look at the drop down menu at the top of the forum and choose info pages > religions > biblical view. her senior graduates are incorrect if they're saying that she can't marry for religious reasons. it doesn't mean they're lying to her, it just means this is something that they have no knowledge of. there's a whole lot of preachers that don't know what scripture says about cousin marriage, too. it's just not something that happens a lot, or gets talked about much, and so the cultural bias against cousin marriage becomes their reality. if they were to get right down into the word of God and see what HE says, they'd be much more supportive. but it's all about getting passed the whole taboo thing that they've been brainwashed with.

but all that is irrelevant if you live in a place where cousin marriage is not legal. 

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Guest MDE

Hi! Does anyone know if in PA you can marry half cousin? We have applied for our fiancé visa and we were planning on marrying in NC but I'm confused on the laws. I live in PA but willing to marry in NC but I need to find out what the right answer is. Thanks 

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