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She Won't Respond...

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Not to my friend requests, emails, facebook messages, nothing. I have sent a message or request once every other month or so over the past few months, so I'm not being overbearing. Do you think she's giving me the cold shoulder or has no desire to correspond with me? We've had a rough past in our teens as seen in my previous thread and she's already in a relationship. She also lives in an entirely different state too, so do you think distance plays a role in this too? I don't necessarily want a romantic relationship with this person, but at least a friendship.

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From just the info you have given I would say she is not interested in even being a friend.

There could be one of any number reasons, one being she is in a relationship and is

not interested due to  possibly something from your past.


Probably time to just move on. If she should change her mind at sometime, I am sure she

knows how to reach out to you.

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