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1st cousin love

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Hey everyone. I'm new to talking about this and I have never told anyone. My first cousin (29) and I (31) used to make out and flirt about 7 years ago. We have kissed on three separate occasions and one we shared a bed and took things to the next level. About 6 months after this she moved about three hours away and she started dating a guy where she lives. They just barely broke off their engagement and when I saw her during Easter it seemed that something was still there between us. I am wondering how I should approach the possibility of starting something with her. Any help would be awesome. Thanks

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Tell your cousin how you feel, you may be surprised she feels that way too.. I've been reading a lot of people's situations on here and it seems they all have one thing in common,the attraction that  cousins have for each other is a lot more powerful than non cousin relationships. Your situation can go either one of two ways but if you don't share your feelings you may loose out on that opportunity forever

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I on the other hand have to disagree with Sophia.  No hard feelings intended.

My take on the situation is that you make yourself available as a friend. An ear to

listen if she needs it . Since she has just experienced a broken engagement, regardless

 of who broke it, she may need time to get over it.  And usually "rebound" relationships rarely

end up being something long lasting, I feel you may gain more  by the friendship route at this time.


No need to profess your long love for her yet. Give her the time she needs and who knows what

might happen.


Best wishes on your journey.

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both of these ladies' recommendations have merit, but i think i'll have to go with romalee on this one... only because i think that to give this the best chance at longevity you need to keep it platonic until she's healed emotionally from the breakup.

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