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Going to have to talk to him again..

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So long story short, I have to move. The person I'm renting from is selling the house and I don't have the means to get another place of my own, so I have to move in with my grandparents until I can save up for a new place. The thing is, my grandparents' house is stuck in the 60s and it is in desperate need of maintenance and TLC. The main thing I want to do is fix up the room I'll be staying in, and my grandparents agreed that the room is in pretty bad shape. Only, they want my cousin to help repair some of the dry wall and put new windows in. They've already told him about it, and they want him to fix up other things in the house as well. So I'll be seeing him more often. It's been since 2010-2011 since I've stopped all contact with him, but at this point, I don't see any way of avoiding him. I'm really over what happened between us. Life has definitely gone on, and I'm not nearly as upset/hurt as I was just a few years ago.

So I think I should make peace with him. Of course things will never be the same, but It's time to put things in the past. I don't really need his help to do anything, but I've got no choice because my grandparents want him to help. They never really understood how we went from being such good friends in our adulthood, to never speaking. So, it's a catch twenty-two. I'm ready to make peace though, I just have of figure out what to say and how to start the conversation.

PS. I have another post about my situation, if you need a little background. The jest of it is that he cheated, got engaged, and didn't tell me all while still wanting a relationship with me. So yeah..

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