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How long were you scared for?

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Some of you have read about my cousin and me, and I feel that this whole thing scares her and that's why she doesn't want to start anything. 


So im wondering, if you were the scared one in the relationship, how long did you go before letting go of the fear and what helped you let go of it?

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Guest Marie

It makes sense to be scared! While it can be done, there is a lot of extra baggage that comes from marrying your cousin in a society that doesn't accept that. If you and she feel like you have an option, my honest advice would be to choose a simpler life. My husband and I have been married 7 years and love each other very much, but our lives have been much harder for the choice we made in a moment where we could have gone down a different road.

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  • Old Timer

Everyone and every story is different but I was the scared one in my relationship. Because we never grew up together, he barely knew any of our shared family or my immediate family so he didn't have the fear of being disowned or judged. My story is posted in shoot the breeze so if you'd like to check it out there you can. Basically after months of back and forth I finally decided to heck with it and once it was out in the open and it didn't go as horribly as I thought it would, my fear went away. 

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