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highly tensed

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I am, 23 and am a christian from Kerala, South India

I love my second cousin, but she calls me brother and our families treat us brother and sister.

How will i approach her with my affection for her? I don't want to loose her, Help Please.


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well i don't think so.

but as far as my family is concerned it is.

and also they say that the church does not allow such relations

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well i found this:
Cousin marriage 

Among all Hindu communities except the Nambootiris, cousin marriage was popular. A boy had a rightful claim to marry the daughter of his maternal uncle or paternal aunt. Among some Hindus one could marry one's sisters daughter such as Reddiar's and Tamil Brahmins. Among Muslims in Kerala cousin marriages were not taboo. But the Christians would not marry among immediate blood relations, not from the cousins on either side, maternal or paternal.

Source : http://www.webindia123.com/kerala/PEOPLE/marriage.htm

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