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I'm Back!!

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Guest Isabella

2 years ago in May Tom and I bought our dream home. About 2 months later he bought me the horse I had been wanting.  

In June 23, 2016, our home was in the direct path of the Erskine wildfire. We could only grab our dogs and the horse and run for our lives. 2 days later we learned that our home made it through.  Other neighbors who stayed behind fed my goats,chickens and pig. It was 7 days before they allowed us back in.  It looked like a war zone.  Friends and family lost their homes.  Over 250 homes gone in just a few hours. We did what we could to help those who had lost everything. 

On August 3, 2017, Tom was I'll and admitted to the hospital for a week.  The diagnoses, Cancer. After a lot of tests, on September 19th, they told is it had metastasized  but did not know yet where it started. He was given 6-12 months to live. 

Our daughter was due to get married in 2 years but they decided to move up the date so her dad could be there.  She never had the chance to tell him.

Tom passed away on October 12, 2017. 1 day after our 20 year anniversary. 

The wedding is July 8th and I'm keeping busy with all the details. I had to sell my horse. I couldn't afford to keep her. After the wedding. I will put our home up for sale. And try to move on with my life in another state. I miss him so much.

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oh isabella, i'm so sorry. i think i vaguely remember you telling me about buying your dream house, before we lost touch. i'm so sorry about tom. can i ask what kind of cancer it was? i'm curious because my mom was diagnosed on nov. 28th with pancreatic cancer, given 3-6 months to live, and was gone exactly one month after being diagnosed. it had matastized to her liver. she was very fortunate though, she never suffered the kind of excruciating pain that we were warned about. in fact she was good with just hydrocodone until the last couple of days. 

please come back anytime you want, to talk, to process the grief, to cry, to vent, or whatever you need. we're here for ya. it's not going to be easy, i know, but you will get through it all.

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