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Don't know what to do

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Here's my story.   My cousin and I would mess around when we were teens,  just kissing and that sort of thing.  We moved away from each other in out late teens and have recently become reacquainted. We started flirting, and one the led to another, and we hooked up.  He would like to continue this relationship but he is married,  believe me, I feel like crap about that.   But there is no denying the attraction or the feelings I have for him.   I know what I should do, but having a hard time letting him go.

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there may be no denying the attraction or the feelings, but there is also no denying that he made a lifetime commitment to love, honor and cherish (and be faithful to) another woman. regardless of attraction or feelings, there is this thing called self control. 

exercise it. 

if you don't, just keep this in mind... a man worth marrying is one whom you can trust NOT to cheat on you. and if he cheats on his wife with you, he's going to cheat on you, too... and that's assuming he might actually leave her for you (which is unlikely.) even if you never marry, you'll never be the only woman he's screwing. don't let yourself be deluded into thinking that he is going to be faithful to you in any capacity. don't make the mistake of believing the lie that he doesn't have sex with his wife anymore. and don't assume that you're his only mistress. you may be, but you'll never know for sure, and chances are good that even if you're his only mistress at the moment, when the new wears off he'll find another woman to play with.

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