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Maybe im confused?

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I am a 16 year old boy and our other subject is a 13 year old girl. I grew up an only child and moved to my cousin's place in cali not long ago. Ever since, i felt happy for being finally able to relate to other "kids". Amongst them all, the 13 year old girl is easily more affective with me, so much to the point where i am doubtious of whether or not this is sibling's love or something far beyond. We would act normally around her parents, but as soon as we are not within their sight she would drive me into games such as acting as human dolls, she preffers when i am the doll, she would lay me on a bed and sit on my lower stomach as her face gets close to mine and she plays with my hair, as we are about to switch she would gently bump against my pants but in such an obvious way. Its understandable that i would be turned on, not by her but because of what she's doing to me. In a dumb attempt to hide a boner i would bend my knees while still laying flat on my back. But its useless, she would say something like "doll's are not supposed to move my themselves" and she would force my legs back to a flat-on-the-bed position making my boner noticeably easier to spot. I caugt her a few times rolling her eyes down my pants to see if i had one, and after comfirming so herself, she would sit right over it and wiggle a little bit as she clearly felt it between her legs. She likes me to carry her around, specially in a reversed-piggyback ride, where her crotch was perfectly against mine, and if this was not the case, she would let go a little bit of my neck so it would be. One time after carrying here like this for a good 10 minutes i felt something wet rubbing against her and she suddently wanted me to let go of her, after she rushed to the bathroom i comfirmed she was effectively wet down there from all the rubbing we had commited. If we go on car trips she would do anything to sit next to me and she would put her hand on my thighs out of the blue, with the poor excuse of trying to show me something in the phone or whatever. It's gotten to a point where i enjoy it. But i dont know if she is interested in me or she is just trying to discover sexuality between the both of us. 

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Hi Randomness - That sounds like a confusing situation. I suspect your cousin is confused too. You are both at an age where hormones are going crazy, which I remember all too well. That is perfectly natural, and entirely unavoidable. However, what you and your cousin are doing together is not a good idea. Any kind of cousin relationship is complicated, and when you are a teenager, you have way too much going on to get tangled up in that. Additionally, what you are describing doesn't sound like the beginning of a relationship, it sounds like your cousin sees you as someone safe she can explore her sexuality with. You are not safe though. You two will always be family. You aren't some random boy she can forget in a year. I can make the assumption that your family would not be happy if they found out. This is the sort of situation that could turn into something that could complicate things for years, for both of your. I would strongly recommend that you put some distance between the two of you.

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