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Guest Nadine Langford

I like my cousin but I think he considers me a sister

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Guest Nadine Langford

So I have a crush on my cousin (in case that wasn't obvious) and recently started thinking he might actually like me back. I hadn't seen him in seven years, and finally saw him again for a week. We didn't talk TOO much, but it was over this trip that I started to like him. Like for example a bunch of us were sitting around outside and he had this laser gun and aimed at me. He didn't do it to anyone else. *shrugs*

Another time my uncle was showing me pictures he secretly took of me. I kept saying stuff like "ugh that looks so bad" and more. And then my cousin was like "that actually looks good."

On the last day, my brother gave him my instagram username. When I was at the airport, I checked my notifications and saw that he had liked every. single. picture.

Then he DM'ed me "have a safe flight"

When i got home, we texted for HOURS. We have so much in common. He called me funny at least a million times. At one point he said that some of our cousins who hadnt left yet were asleep. Cuz i asked what they were doing and he said he was texting me. I was like, well duh. And then he made a joke about not texting me and i was like "oh really? I guess I should just leave you alone then." And he was like "dont do it." "cause if you do i'll cry."

And then he said he used to have a girlfriend....

And that he had to leave her.

And that he loved her so much.

And that his heart stopped when he saw her again.

And that he couldn't believe his eyes.

But her had to leave her because we aren't allowed to date in our religion.

And that he missed her.

And he told me not to tell anyone because he trusted me.


But he would do things like reply to my story (were i was wearing a jersey of our favorite sports team) with a heart and a "perfect" hand signal emoji.


And the next day when i asked what they were doing, he told me and said that it was bad without me there. And i was teasing him like, 'oh you mean without my brother" and he was like no you. its bad without you really.

when i asked why, he said because i was funny and was (our cousins) age. 

And then he said that the one thing he wants in the world is a sister.  And then he said that i was like a sister to him. I don't know how to feel about it, because no matter what I do, i still have feelings for him. I dont know if maybe over time he will realize he might like me, but I am just a jumble of confusion right now

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If you don't mind me asking, how old are you and your cousin? Are you from the U.S?

From the information you've provided it seems like he wants someone he can can be close to, possibly a sister as he says. Unless there is more to the story it really is hard for us to guess what the interaction between the two of you is really like, we can only go off of your experiences. He may develop feelings for you over time but it's obviously way too early to tell. Concentrate on building your friendship, enjoy your time together and try not to stress yourself out over it. Hope this little bit of advice helps for now.

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