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Fell in love in wrong state

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Hello I not good at writing so bear with me I started having an affair with a married woman who happened to be my cousin over the brief period of time I have fell madly in love with her to the point that a man who doesn't cry.cant stop the state of Texas it's not going to happen with. The risk with the children is too great that she has to and I have one previous relationships..custody battles we will not chance loosing them. Now to the ugly part we got caught I'm single she still married and in a brief period of time I no she's going to do what's best for her kids and stay in the marriage. I love her so much want her to be happy so I know to walk away but my heart keeps stopping me now I see that she's a strong woman and she will try to keep me as well I am at a loss I am willing to do what it takes so she can be happy but I am her happy in a relationship that may or may not be salvaged.either way I can't have her as long as the kids are young any advice would be helpful.she is my first cousin and if there was a way we would be happily together.cudtody and felony laws in Texas seriously is a joke...so I stay and suffer with her through the affair. Or honor my devotion to love and walkaway against her wishes so she can be free

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I would suggest cutting off all contact with your cousin, she should be focusing on her commitment to her husband and children. Not to be harsh but if you truly loved her you shouldn't have gotten involved with a married women also the fact that she's willing to cheat with you doesn't say much about her in regards to loyalty and every relationship should be built on a foundation of trust. 

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