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Not sure if anyone remembers me but just thought I'd give a little update.

My cousin and I are doing amazing ❣ nothing major going on atm. Our daughter turned 2 in April and she's growing really well, such a smart little girl ❤ His daughter and my son are going into 4th grade and his other little girl will be moving on to 2nd. My twin sister still pretends as if I don't exist and treats my daughter like she is nothing, hasn't tried to get to know her, won't acknowledge her, refuses to get her presents for the holidays or even her own birthday. With the way she treats her I've thought long and hard about wether or not I should allow her to see my son :/ my daughter is getting older and I don't want her to wonder why her "Aunt" treats her and her brother differently. Besides that I really can't complain, life has been pretty great ❤ Hope everyone here is doing well.

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Im glad things are going well in your relationship with your cousin/hubby😇. However, I'm sorry yout twin sister is not so supportive and is treating your daughter like crap, but may be she will come around. Yes I believe sister ( immediate family) is important but your daughter happiness is more important than your sister's acceptance. Meaning if she treats your daughter like crap I wouldnt have my daughter around her. But as I stated hopefully she come around to love and acceptane. All the best😇

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