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Reposting my story

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quarter25    21

Just thought I'd repost my story for the new members and guests 😁 (ages and some years have obviously changed 😜)

I'm 25 and my cousin/boyfriend is 32, we're first cousins and our fathers are brothers.

We didn't grow up together, I vaguely remember hearing about him at all though knew his older brother very well since he would visit often (they grew up on the east coast).

We've been friends on fb for about 5 years but hadn't talked to each other till about 2 years ago.

We found out quickly that we had a lot in common and that our personalities were very similar, we began messaging each other one night while I was at work and continued to do so every day after that, we would talk for hours about pretty much anything, it was so nice to have someone I really connected with to talk to :azn:

After a while I got the impression that he might like me more than a cousin but quickly pushed it from my mind, that would be crazy (lol) well one day he pulled out the go to line "if you weren't my cousin..." which obviously confirmed my previous suspicion, I wasn't shocked and I didn't completely dismiss it, I rationalized that we never met and that he was basically the male version of me (I told him all of this) but we were related and at the time I was in a relationship no matter how crappy it was.

He wasn't exactly happy with my response, not angry in any way just kind of bummed out and was embarrassed that he even brought it up, I reassured him that it was perfectly normal and that under different circumstances I could definitely see us together, he dropped the subject and things carried on as though it never happened but there was some noticeable tension.

Some time went by and he brought it up again, said his feelings for me were very strong and that he couldn't stop thinking about me, I told him it wasn't possible for us to be together and that he would have no problem finding a girlfriend he could actually have a relationship with, he's attractive, funny, intelligent, respectful.. a true gentleman.. not to mention I've seen some of his ex's so I had no clue why he would want to be with me.

That back and forth went on for awhile (months I believe) it was very emotional for the both of us, I could no longer deny having feelings for him, he was everything I'd ever wanted in a boyfriend and I was in an emotionally/mentally abusive relationship that was barely even a relationship, we were more like roommates, it was a giant roller coaster for a little bit.

At some point I let him know how I truly felt but still didn't think a romantic relationship would work out, we would confess our love secretly but being together was impossible.

I ended it with my boyfriend at the time, once I realized how strong my feelings were for my cousin I couldn't continue dating him, I felt awful no matter how horrible he was to me.

A few weeks after that my cousin and I arranged to meet for the very first time, we were nervous, excited and not exactly sure what would happen.

When I got off the train he greeted me with the most loving, generous  and beautiful smile I've ever seen, we hooked arms and he led me to the bus stop, I wanted to smoke before the bus came and when I looked up to ask him for a light he kissed me ♡ instant fireworks.

We've been together since that day (1 year 4 months) family isn't thrilled but the majority are happy that we're happy, the only person who's cut me out of their life is my twin sister oddly enough, ex's haven't been a problem thankfully.

I moved in with him in November and 1month ago we had our beautiful daughter Rachel :grin: my son is beyond excited to be a big brother and his two girls couldn't be happier to be big sisters ♡

It's crazy to think about, at times I still can't believe this is real, but it is. Life is amazing and I am truly blessed ♡♡♡

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LadyC    99

sounds like a charmed life! (now, at least... not before!) i'm glad you shared your story again, because i have a terrible time trying to remember who what when and where. congratulations!

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quarter25    21

Thanks Lady C 😁 definitely had our ups and downs but I've been incredibly blessed ❤ All of you here helped me so much and I'm very thankful ❤

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