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I'm back! (she's back too)

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Heya everyone. It's been a while - 7 or so years I think? - loving the new forum layout. I can't seem to find my original posts, probably got wiped in an update, yeah?

Well anyway, my cousin-love is back in my life - a very long tedious story has unfolded over the last 6 years, some of the older members/staff might remember, but there has been no contact between us for around 3 years, due to a very messy situation that happened. Bit of a heartbreaking story that I feel terrible for but was out of my control.

Suddenly she's back in my life, has two kids and an ex-husband. And our feelings are still there. Well kinda. She's needing some emotional support through some of the actions of her ex and I will always be there for her. So there's lots of subtleties, but she and I have been on this roller coaster before so I am in no way confused this time. haha. Most of my friends/family who know about the situation are quietly worried that she's back in my life, not because of the cousin thing, but because of the way she acted then. I keep this in the back of my mind, but motherhood seems to have mellowed her - she's not as dramatic as she used to be.

Anyway I just wanted to say hi, and am glad I have this forum to talk to if i need it :)


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